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Hanon Sinay, M.D.
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How the System Works

U.S. Patent Issued 1981

Original Proposal for a Rural Health Care System
1975 - 1976

Rural Health Care Forms

trade logoPortable Medical Diagnostic Computer For Rural Health Care in Developing Countries
1970 - 1978

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Original design and development by Hanon Sinay, M.D. United States Patent 4,290,114 (full text and images). Issued: September 15, 1981. Application filed: July 1, 1976. As of July 2014 cited as a reference by 139 other subsequent U.S. patents.

ABSTRACT: A computer aided health care system for use by a paramedic. Findings taken from the patient by the paramedic are assigned numerical codes by use of preprinted forms. The paramedic uses a keyboard to enter the numerical codes into a fixed purpose computer. The computer compares the findings with a number of disease definitions stored in its memory. The computer then operates a printer to list numerical codes for all treatments to be administered. The paramedic finds these codes in a treatment and diagnostic manual that gives the name of the disease and specific instructions for its treatment, in the language of the paramedic.